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Franktown Village Development (Updated  4/23/2017)
Note from HOA Board: We will continue to update our community with information about the Franktown Village Development to help ensure our community and neighbors have the most recent communications and information about development within Franktown.' We also thank many members of our Bannockburn and surrounding neighborhoods who are participating and contributing to these efforts. 
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Note from Diane Love dated 3/13/2017

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that your Franktown Citizen's Coalition II has a new Vision Statement and to give all of you a quick update.




I know this is a little later in the month than my usual monthly updates, but I've been waiting on information from Douglas County Planning to confirm when the new FVPD application will be filed.  Instead of waiting any longer, thought I'd just send you all a quick email.  As you should all be aware from my last two emails, the information originally was that the new FVPD application would be filed this month.  Nothing has been filed yet so I have reached out to Joe Fowler at Douglas County Planning to find out if there is new confirmed information/dates on the developers' timeline.  So far I don't have the final word. I will send out a second email as soon as I get that information.


I am getting information that some people in Franktown still aren't aware of this development proposal so we want to "ramp up" getting the word out.   We are going to start up a Marketing and Communications Committee so there is a concerted effort to get out the word to the public to newspapers, radio and TV news more.  Sara Scott (member of the FCC II Steering Committee will be heading up the Marketing and Communications Committee).   Please let me know if you can volunteer for this very important committee. We had a huge turnout at the last Planning Commission.  It was definitely noted by the commissioners. We want to make sure that communications are clear and widespread so we can get an even bigger crowd for the next hearings and get more news on TV and radio and in newspapers.

For now we have planned to send a postcard in the mail at the end of this month to all of Franktown with a quick outline of information.  Later there will be a two page flyer to be distributed that will have more detailed information.

We still plan on large meetings at the Franktown fire station to bring everyone up to speed as soon as the new application is filed.  We will also be asking at these meetings for volunteers to help with the above noted Marketing and Communications Committee.  Get involved and help "safeguard"  Franktown!  Lots of work to be done that needs all of you.

This development is still in the works.  It has not gone away.  It's just taking longer for the new filing than anyone expected.  Please be assured, as soon as I hear, you will get the update.  


Diana Love




---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Diana Love" <>
Date: Apr 1, 2017 12:53 PM
Subject: Two NEW draft final filings on Franktown Village on 3/27/2017

Hi Everyone,


Check out NEW FILINGS on website at Douglas County Planning Pro.  Do search for Project ZR2012-008 then click on "project" and then on "documents."  It seems to be all about new water issues (school)and restrictive covenants but you don't see a re-done application. The problem is that at this point you can't open the attachments so it's unclear exactly what they've filed until we can open the attachments.  I  have requested that Joe Fowler of Douglas County Planning fix this so we can open the attachments to see what the developers have filed.

Stay tuned and please go to the website and read for yourself.  Your Board will be setting a large meeting at the fire station soon I will send out a notification when that's set.


Diana Love



From: Diana Love <>
Date: Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 12:14 PM

Hi Everyone,

Please get the word out.  Because of all of the new filings by the developer, we are having a meeting at the fire station, April 25, 2017 at 6:30.  So far the filings are:

Land Use:


1.      The PD Guide was resubmitted.  The only change to earlier versions was a slightly expanded Section dealing with the Covenants Conditions and Restrictions.  (see Statement of Commitments #2).


2.      I  prepared a summary of the project’s consistency with the Franktown Village Sub Area Plan.  Please note this is not a submittal requirement but something I plan to present to the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners during the hearings.




1.      A revised Water Demand and Supply Study.  The only changes to this study from earlier versions was; (1) the inclusion of additional decreed water under off-site property owned by Franktown Development Company, LLC.  A portion of the decreed water had already been identified in the earlier versions of the Study but additional resources from this same decree is necessary to demonstrate future irrigation supply to the proposed DCSD Park site, and (2) an acknowledgement of the final decree in Case No. 2016CW3137.


2.   A set of Declaration of Restrictive Covenants for all On-site and Off-site properties in which the decreed water from the Denver, Arapahoe and Laramie-Fox Hills has been identified as part of the water supply plan.  These were previously submitted except for the one connected to the additional decreed water (see No. 1 above)


3.      A revised Water Appeal Letter that adds the additional acreage required by No. 1 above.


4.      A revised Legal Opinion was provided to acknowledge the final decree for water in Case No. 2016CW3137


The attorney for the developers has offered to meet with us.  We can talk about that on the 25th.  For those of you who want to review the filinggs, I have included the instructions on how to get to that area of the Douglas County website again below.  See you all at the meeting.  


Diana Love

President FCC II

Instructions for Douglas County website to review developers filings:



-Type in Douglas County Planning Pro into Google. 
--Click on "Planning Pro-home-Douglas County"  It opens right up onto "Project Information."  
--Click on "Project Search."  It opens up to the project search page.  All you have to do here is type in the project number "ZR2012-008."  Go down to where there's a box that says "search" and click on it.  It opens up on the Franktown project.
--click on "View Project"
--on the page that opens click on "Documents "  All of the filed documents will be there.  If you want the latest filed documents click on the box that says "Title A-Z"  It will drop down giving you choices.  Click on "Last Updated Date Descending" and then click on the box that says "Update."  You're done.  All of the documents are listed by latest date filed.






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