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Lost Animals  New Bannockburn Posting Process

About a month ago a cute black lab pup popped up at one of the Bannockburn houses on Frontier -- no collar, no tags … and not owned by anyone in the immediate area. The incident sparked a light --- all too often our four-legged friends wander … where do they go?

Our Board is ‘on board’ in this concern. The Board is sponsoring creation of several sandwich boards that will be available for usage at each Bannockburn entrance when you have either a lost – or found - animal that needs to find their way home. Floyd Crossman, or 303/242-9538, will be the point man on the boards.

Next time you encounter this type of situation – a lost or found dog or cat, create the information with pictures and any relevant detail – and connect with Floyd to obtain the sandwich boards and get that puppy or kitty back home where it belongs!  

Covenant Committee  by Michele Duncan

It has been almost 10 years since our Bannockburn covenants were reviewed and updated and a new committee is being formed to do just that. I have agreed to chair the committee and I am looking for residents who are interested in helping. We will be focusing on a few areas; roofing materials, fencing materials, allowable animals, and updates required by new Colorado laws.

We plan to have the wording created for each new item ready by the middle of June. The ballots will then be mailed out to all Members in Good Standing, to vote for or against each item, by the end of July. Homeowners will have a chance to discuss the new items with board members, and their neighbors, at the annual picnic, with the votes needing to be returned with 21 days after delivery.

I would like to get as much input as possible from residents before the committee finalizes wording, so if you have suggestions or concerns, please send an email using the Contact Bannockburn HOA Board Members link found on the homepage of the HOA website ( 

Remember, these are our homes and our neighborhood and the covenants in place should reflect our desires and visions. Get involved by either joining the committee or submitting your suggestions and comments. 

I look forward to meeting many of you as we work through this important process. 

Energy House Bill 1270


BHOA Monthly Meetings:

Bannockburn’s homeowner board meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month. The community is always invited and welcome to attend any of these meetings. The meetings are held at the Franktown fire station. 

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New Policy and Procedure Document Updated 9/2015

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